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. 500 Minimum Per Item.

. Bulk Quantity Only.

. Rechargeable Cellphone power bank.


. Input: 5V/1A - Micro-B USB

. Output: 5V/1A - Apple Lightning & Micro-B USB

. Battery Capacity: 800mAh/3.7V/2.96Wh

. Lithium Polymer Battery

* Removal of protective cell phone case maybe required for optimal charging.

Disclaimer: UPLUG Charger is designed for emergency cellphone charging only.
A solid charging light Indicates that the charger is fully charged, and a blinking light
indicates that the charger needs to be recharged. To ensure the UPLUG charger is fully charged
before plugging the device Into your cellphone, please check the charge life by plugging in a
micro USB to the UPLUG charger for testing. If the charging light blinks, continue to recharge
the unit until the charging light stops blinking and Is solid. This will ensure that the rechargeable
power bank Is fully charged. The UPLUG battery system Is designed to provide a minimum 4 to
6 hours of emergency cellphone charge depending on the make or model of the cellphone
device. This product is not intended for any other devices. This device is rechargeable and can
be used to charge both iPhone and Android. The flat side facing upright of the USB is for
iPhone, and the splined side facing upright is for Android. Please Note: The UPLUG Charger
may not fit into certain cellphones depending on the charging port size. Also, if a cellphone case 
is too thick and/or too large. In an emergency situation, you may need to remove your cell
phone case if the charging light does not illuminate. For best charging results, do not charge
your cellphone in Low Power Mode. NOTE: Do Not Recharge the UPLUG power bank for more
than (2) two hours. Never Recharge the UPLUG power bank overnight. In "any " overcharge
condition, the UPLUG power bank has a built-in failsafe that will shut down the UPLUG power
bank due to any overcharge condition. The UPLUG Emergency power bank is not intended to 
replace electrical charging devices. 

For customer service please call (800) 947-4898. Email us at info@uplugcharger.com . For
further details please view products and details at www.uplugcharger.com. UPLUG is a 
registered Trademark of UPLUG,LLC, Copyright 2017-2023. UPLUG-AII Rights Reserved
US/International Patent 29/624,682 US Patent No. D859307
UPLUG Pickleball Patent filing number 29895938 US/International   

Custom Pickleball Paddle Power Bank Keychain

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