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About Us

UPLUG, LLC created a patented round and football shaped emergency cellphone charger as a portable rechargeable wireless power bank that is iPhone, Android and C-phone compatible using a USB electronic power device imprinted with artistic licensed designs featuring iconic NFL and NBA players and coaches and automobile racing champions. The licensed designs also include International Professional Soccer Teams, collegiate and professional sports teams, super heroes, cartoon and movie characters, custom and many licensed logos and the power banks are designed to fit onto any key-chain. UPLUG secured a unique utility and design patent for the US and International Patent Cooperation Treaty and is the first of its kind to enter the portable wireless rechargeable cellphone industry.

UPLUG is the innovator for the licensed round and football shape portable wireless key-chain designed for the rechargeable cellphone power bank key-chain market and UPLUG has many licensed partnerships to further expand in the global marketplace.  UPLUG has secured the licensed portable rechargeable cellphone key-chain category and does not have any direct licensing competition from any portable rechargeable cellphone key-chain power bank. UPLUG is a problem solver solution when electricity is not available in certain circumstances and/or emergency crises. UPLUG is a virtual life saver in any area without electrical power and can be used in many different case scenarios such as outdoors, concerts, camping, stadium events, schools, restaurants, airplane travels, business meetings, etc. and provides up to six hours of life saving cellphone battery charge.  This unique portable rechargeable wireless key-chain power bank product is for all demographics featuring popular and marketable NFL and NBA players and coaches and automobile racing champions and licensed team, logo, brand, charity, promotional item and/or cause and will set a continued growth trend due to the need for such an element in the cellphone industry not only for sports fans and character driven fanatics, but for those who rely on a security emergency device.

The UPLUG Company believes in innovative designs that is offering an essential high quality of products at the most affordable prices to deliver what you are looking for. Our customers are top priority and through our products we work hard towards building long lasting and meaningful relationships with them.